What about me?

Well, the short summary is on the homepage you probably just came from. This is the long(er) story. Or maybe it's more like a clarification on the short story.

What's a Creative Technologist?

Great question, because it's a broad term and there are quite some interpretations of it that definitely do not describe me. That doesn't mean those interpretations are wrong, so let's just keep the broad definition at 'it varies'. That's a lousy definition, especially for a term I use to describe myself. However, I still think it fits me well, so the best I can do is to tell you why.

In my view, a Creative Technologist is someone with a creative mind, with enough techy/nerd DNA in them to express that creativity with technology instead of (or even better: next to) paint, musical instruments, glue, textile, beads, metal, pens, pencils, typewriters, or whatever other tools and materials people use to make all kinds of art or other creative expressions.

If you take a good look at that list of examples, you can also see how a Creative Technologist uses technology: as a tool. This means they're relatively indifferent about the technology itself, it's much more about what they can do with it, the possibilities it offers. That in itself also means that they are not afraid to drop one technology in favor of another if it just works better for the goal they have, and they are not afraid to learn something new.